Christmas Set Menu

Antipasto (Starter)

Soup (GF)

Seafood velouté enhanced with corn textures.


Salmon Crostini (LF)

An assembly of treacle cured salmon, smoked paprika & roasted garlic aioli and pickled mustard seeds on grilled ciabatta, set on a bed of rocket leaves.


Chestnut Brie (V)

Baked Soft cow’s milk cheese topped with roasted chestnuts and fresh thyme, accompanied by a petit salad and pear chutney.


Tortelli Cinghiale

Wild boar stuffed pillow shaped pasta, tossed in a pecorino cheese & guancale emulsion garnished with crispy guancale.


Meagre Fillet (LF)

Sous-vide, oven baked wild caught ‘Gurbell’ fillet crusted with coriander & lemon, set on a mussel & turmeric velouté, garnished with compressed Romanesco.


Chicken Breast (LF)

Sous-vide chicken breast finished on the grill, accompanied by a chorizo & cannellini stuffing and drizzled with beurre rouge sauce.


USDA Choice Beef Tagliata (GF)

Char-grilled beef flank steak, cooked to your liking, served sliced set on a rich truffle & parmesan sauce, topped with crispy prosciutto crudo.


Veal Strip Loin (GF)(LF)

Tender veal strip loin, sous-vide to a perfect MEDIUM, char-grilled, set on a black truffle mash and complemented with a delicate veal jus.


Chocolate Fudge

Smooth, creamy chocolate and walnut fudge, complemented with a biscuit & walnut crumb, drizzled with caramel.


Panna cotta

Classic light and creamy panna cotta lightly infused with dark rum, topped with forest fruit & spiced rum jam.


Deconstructed Christmas Log

Traditional log consisting of biscuits, sweetened condensed milk and cocoa powder
accompanied by a forage of mixed nuts and candied fruit complimented with a vermouth infused chocolate sauce.



2 Scoops of Ice-cream.

Price 55

All main courses are served with roasted vegetable and roasted potatoes.

Important note: Please notify us with any allergies or special diets with your reservation, so we can accommodate

This set menu will be served the whole weekend of Christmas. Our a la carte menu will not be available.

(V) Vegetarian; (GF) Gluten Free; (LF) Lactose Free.